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Many thanks for all your comments!

By: ringo Left On: 12 December 2013

hi.dave.wishing you and your family a happy xmas and new year.from all the boys around delabole.see you on the 19 jan 2014.cheers..ringo

By: john,steven,dean.wayne Left On: 12 September 2013

a awsome 8 hours trip and We would like to thank Dave for being a great host and a fantastic skipper thanks for taking us for some conga our (first) congas very helpfull skipper and he makes a mean cuppa tea too thanks DAVE :) the best charted boat

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By: Jeremy Left On: 02 September 2013

Superb afternoon's fishing with a great Skipper and host Dave. My six year old son Jack while struggling a little with a mutliplier had a fantastic time as Dave's ( who was most accomodating ) helper and did manage some mackerel and whiting. Without doubt a very knowledgeable skipper, who wasted little time getting us to a very productive mark. Bearing in mind we were only on a 4 hour trip was lucky enough to catch several conger, pollack and whiting. Jack now has his eye on a shark on a future trip. Great afternoon, thanks.

By: Kev Left On: 29 August 2013

We had a fantastic 8 hour trip on the 19th of August. We headed straight out for the wreck, on route we spotted a huge sun fish - Dave the skipper said he had never ever seen one that big. Once in position Dave said start fishing - I had never fished like this before, Dave told me how to go on. Within seconds of dropping my line in a fish took the bait, I landed a rather large coley - that was just the start, I was soon pulling up pollack.
What a fantastic day it was,made even better by Dave's sense of humour.
Thanks Dave, for a very memorable day - hope to go out again next year.

By: Mike (The Rev) Connor Left On: 27 August 2013

On behalf of our club The Hunting Lodge Sea Anglers, Ivybridge. I would like to thank Dave for a splendid trip out on Monday 26th September.
After ½ hours mackerel bashing for live bate we steamed out to the first mark for 2 hours drifting for Pollack, then at slack water we anchored up and the fun really began, with conger and ling aplenty. Then back on the drift for more Pollack. Back to port, pint in the Sharksfin then home. Happy Days…
We will without doubt be booking again.
Thanks again Dave.

Mike (The Rev)

By: Gary Field Left On: 25 August 2013

Went out on a 4 hour trip with my son. On a neap tide, was a mill pond over the wreck I caught a decent conger . Had to swap positions with my son so that he could feel some-thing on the hook. Thanks Dave loved your knowledge and your dry sense of humor.

By: Tom Cullen Left On: 23 August 2013

Went out 3 weeks ago and was great - caught one pollock drifting the wreck and caught loads of ling and conger. At one point we were fishing on the first wreck and and Dave brought out a shark rod. Within minutes there was a 45lbs blue thrashing around the boat,it was great. I'm only twelve and he said to me 'Next time, you're bringing it in.' Guess what ,I ended up hooking a 100lbs + thresher shark - it nearly pulled me out of the boat. Great day and great fishing. Thanks Dave! Best fishing trip ever!!!!!!!!!!

By: Ray Left On: 14 August 2013

Fished 12th & 13th August two great days good fishing some nice ling caught, with a 63lb conger many thanks to Dave

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By: Neil,Michelle,Sean & Kieron Left On: 08 August 2013

Shark fishing full day 8th August 2013-absolutely brilliant trip we travelled 15 miles out and our 13 year old son Sean caught a blue shark in less than an 1 hour this was followed by constant Mackeral,whiting,garfish,gurnard dog fish and more all day then low and behold two more blue sharks-Dave & Kyle knew exactly what they was doing bringing live sharks on board with our two children close by in fact touching and holding them for photos and videos-highest recommendation will defiantly book again thanks to all on the Bessie Vee.

By: Paul Roberts & Friends Left On: 06 August 2013

We have a few trips a year with Dave on the Bessie and although the fishing ranges from brilliant bumper trips to average (it is fishing after all) one constant is the hard-working effort and attention to detail that Dave puts into to helping everyone catch as much as possible on the day. Dave's always extremely helpful in all areas and still manages to make tea for everyone and we thoroughly enjoy our trips. Thank you. Paul

By: Lewis David Brown Left On: 25 July 2013

i had a great time out on the boat on tuesday the 23rd of july 2013 caught alot cant wait to go again, hopefully on the 8 hour trip.

By: Steve Wilkinson Left On: 18 July 2013

Thanks for a great 3 days of fishing this week, and for patiently helping me to fish in the right way to get some good results: plenty of conger eels, pollock and sunshine! Would recommend your boat to novices and expereinced fishermen alike.

By: Ashley Wells Left On: 09 June 2013

My first ever sea fishing trip and loved it! Am now planning to do it once a year. Dave was very knowledgeable and was very patient with an inexperienced fisherman! He made sure i caught fish and helped with any problems! I even caught a 4 ft conga eel! Thanks Dave is you in 2014!

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By: Steve Jones Left On: 03 June 2013

Ive been out on a few charter boats up and down the country. Dave is probably one of the hardest working skippers out there.... Gets you straight on the fish, depth of the fish, When your near the wreck etc etc. If he sees a problem hes straight there. He even untangles your gear if you get a tangle. Very happy fisherman here and hope i can get out on lots more of his trips.

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By: Mick Left On: 27 May 2013

Dave just to say thanks for 25th May, it was a great day, and both my Newbies pass on their thanks to you and how much they enjoyed their day, which I guess means they will be back ??!! (have you caught one Hisham ? "well yes it is a bit heavy", oh look another double figure Pollack !! ))
Hell even I caught for a change, which probably means the fish where suicidal that day !!! ;-))
Hope to get out again soon
still the best boat in cornwall ;-P

stay safe matey





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